Ants’ nests in cavity walls in Birkenhead
Ants’ nests in cavity walls in Birkenhead

Our Pest Control team arrived at a property in Birkenhead to find ants nesting in the cavity wall. This is a common problem in many properties due to too much sand in the render and makes it very easy for the ants to gain access into the property. Cracks in brickwork provide an excellent avenue of entry for ants.

What type of ant are you up against?

The Black Garden Ant is the commonest house invader. Paradoxically, the Black Garden Ant is dark brown in colour. Ant bodies are divided into three sections: head, thorax and abdomen. The three sections are divided by narrow waists. Ants have a sharp angled joint in their antennae.

Ants are social insects. In addition, they are organised and extremely good communicators. So, if one ant gains access to your wall the rest of the colony will surely follow. Primarily, it is the foraging worker who invades buildings in search of food. Specifically, They are attracted to sweet food which they use to feed the queen ant and her larvae. The worker ants are 4 to 6mm in length.

Evidence of ant infestation in cavity walls

Ants will produce large amounts of sand, soil and debris around their nesting site. This will help when trying to locate nests.

Pre-treatment advice for ants’ nests in cavity walls in Birkenhead

Firstly, remove treatments that have already been applied, like powders or sprays. Secondly, move aquatic life or pets into a safe room. Finally, move furniture away from skirting boards.

Pest control by the experts at

The treatment we advise when you find ants nesting in a cavity, is to drill a small hole in the mortar and inject a chemical every 2-3 bricks along the effected area. This will form a barrier inside the cavity wall and stop ants entering the property. Moreover, the same treatment can be applied under carpets and behind skirting boards. In addition, external nests can be eradicated by applying a residual insecticide.

Ants Nest In Cavity

In conclusion, if you find ants nesting in cavity wall in your Birkenhead property please contact us via email or chat to one of the team 💭