How to control a blowfly infestation
How to control a blowfly infestation

Pest Control Information: Bluebottle, Green Bottle and Flesh Flies

How to control a blowfly infestation. The technicians are experienced and qualified in a variety of methods of fly infestation pest control.

Habitat and Distribution

The Bluebottle, Green Bottle and Flesh Flies are found worldwide. Moreover, each of these types of fly follows the same life cycle. Blowflies feed on dead decaying animal matter, carcasses or meat offal. Flies are linked with human activity, also, they are very common in the wild.

Biology of blowflies

Blowfies mate soon after they expand and dry their wings. Subsequently, the female begins laying eggs 4 to 5 days after. She then deposits eggs in clusters on fresh or rotting meat and excrement. The eggs are creamy white in clour and they 1.5 mm long. The eggs hatch in less than a day.

The Larvae moult three times during their development. This process and can last for up to a week. Blowflies have an amazing acute sense of smell, for example,they locate freshly killed animals up to four miles away.

Why are blowflies important?

Blowflies assist with the removal and recycling of dead animals and birds. However, they do spread disease. Accordingly, Blowflies pose a significant problem in meat processing plants, commercial kitchens and food preparation areas. Moreover, flies have the ability to break into concealed meat and meat product packaging.

Other types of fly

Flesh Fly

Flesh flies are similar in size to Bluebottles. They are clearly distinguished by their overall grey covering and dark longitudinal lines on the thorax. Flesh flies are elongate and have thay have noticeably large feet with powerful claws that grip well to flesh.

Flesh flies are found throughout the summer around dustbins and other suitable oudoor breeding sites. Consequently, they pose less of a threat inside commercial and domestic kitchens but they may cause problems in meat factories.

Green Bottle Fly

The Green Bottle fly belongs to the same family as the Bluebottle fly. However, Green Bottles are smaller and they have a very noticeable bright metallic green thorax and abdomen.

Green Bottle flies are often found sunning themselves on house walls and fences. Green Bottles rarely venture inside buildings because they rely on dead carcasses and excrement for breeding sites.

How to control blow fly infestations

Methods used to control a blowfly infestation:

  • Hygiene and proofing are important methods of controlling  any fly infestation.
  • Factories and food manufacturing plants should install screens using fly mesh. In addition, any meat products should be covered to prevent contamination.
  • Continual monitoring and removal of animal waste.
  • Use ultraviolet light fly exterminators.
  • Spray residual insecticides on walls.
  • Use aerosols or misting space sprays (pyrethroids) to control flying adults.

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