Pigeon nests under solar panels
Pigeon nests under solar panels

Our pest control team arrived at a property in Chester to find pigeons nesting under solar panels. This can be a common nesting site for many types of birds. Many properties in Chester have solar panels fitted and birds will eventually seek them out.

Damage caused as a result of pigeon nests under solar panels in Chester

Pigeon faeces in gutters
Gutters blocked with pigeon droppings

It doesn’t take long for your property and solar panels to become damaged by birds, below are just a few issues caused by birds nesting around your home in Chester.

  1. Gutters and drainage systems can become blocked due to a build up of bird faeces. This can lead to flooding and water damage to property.
  2. Cables and components can become damaged as birds move around under the panels building their nests.
  3. Bird faeces produces ammonia which can damage materials. Stone will decay over time, making it porous.
  4. The acidic nature of bird faeces also encourages the growth of fungi that accelerates physical breakdown of stone
  5. Copper, aluminium, iron and zinc can also be damaged by bird droppings.
  6. Bird droppings can damage paintwork on vehicles if not removed quickly.

Insect and mite infestations

Urban birds carry a number of blood sucking parasites that live on them and in their nests.

  1. Martin Bugs.
  2. Bird Mites.
  3. Pigeon Fleas.

Feathers, droppings and dead birds also attract a variety of other insects such as the Fur Beetle, Carpet Beetle, Larder Beetle, Plaster Beetle, Biscuit Beetle, Common Housefly, Lesser Housefly, Brown House Moth and the White Shouldered House Moth.

These insects can relocate into your property and infest fabrics, stored food etc.

Pigeon nests under solar panels; reasons for bird control

Health and safety is one of the main reasons for controlling birds around your Chester property. Pigeons are affected by more than 110 pathogens and 8 viruses, 55 fungi, 41 bacteria and 6 protozoa. If you are woken by pigeons and you have pigeon nests under solar panels, now is the time to Speak to a member of the team 💭.