The economic losses caused by pests

The economic losses caused by pests are often hidden or overlooked. However, the costs will soon build up and eat into a businesses profit margin or a homeowner’s savings.

Direct economic losses caused by pests 

Direct economic losses caused by pests are the initial financial costs of dealing with an infestation. The home or business owner also has to factor in the costs of pest prevention. Subsequent pest prevention strategies will need to be implemented to mitigate against a future pest infestation

Structural damage 

Structural damage is the most obvious and expensive primary loss caused by pests. Examples include:

  • Rodents gnawing on materials such as plastic soffit boards and fascias, wood, soft metals and also concrete. Rodents will also damage all types of electrical cables and plumbing pipe work.
  • Bird droppings will cause deterioration of the external brickwork or mortar of buildings. In addition, the decay will look very unsightly to passers-by.
  • Moth larvae can damage fabrics and clothing and will lead to the need for replacements or repairs to stock.
  • Attacks on furniture by wood boring insects can result in high levels of economic loss.

Loss of reputation

Economic losses caused by pests are not restricted to physical damage. Pest infestations in your business premises will have a negative impact on customer perceptions of your commercial capability. In addition, evidence of pests will create a bad reputation for you business. 

The economic losses cause by pests are a major consideration when it comes to insuring your business. While most insurers will not cover vermin damage, consequent damage, such as a fire or flood caused by vermin chewing through a pipe or wire, can be protected.

However, you’ll still have to pay for a pest control. While you can buy your own traps and devices to deal with certain pests on the cheap. Unfortunately, the success rate of do it yourself pest control is very low and repeat treatments will result in further financial outlay. Subsequently, there is also the cost of repairing structural damage or replacing damaged furniture, clothes and textiles. are experts in pest control. Their infestation control techniques are effective and permanent. In conclusion, contact the experts at for the cost effective strategy for pest control.