Wasp infestation incident in Birkenhead
Wasp infestation incident in Birkenhead

Wasp infestation incidents are common in late Spring and Summer. If you are having pest control problems with wasps in your Birkenhead property, chat to one of our team at pestcontrol.me.uk. All our work is fully guaranteed.

Possible locations of wasps in and around your Birkenhead property

  • Air bricks above & below
  • Lofts
  • Overflow pipes
  • Mortar defects in cavity walls
  • Corners of window frames
  • Along soffit boards
  • Under fascias
  • Under tiles or slates
  • Garden sheds
  • Bushes or tree trunks


Wasp Infestations: Approach With Caution

We advise anyone trying to locate a wasp nest around your property to be very cautious. A mature wasp nest in the height of summer can contain thousands of wasps. Moreover,

  • Never approach a wasp nest in the dark with a torch as this will excite the wasps
  • Never disturb bushes around the location of a wasp nest
  • If possible cover yourself with protective clothing at all times
  • If in doubt please contact us for any help or advice

Treating a wasp sting

‘Wasp infestation incident in Birkenhead’.We advise you to wash the area with clean water to remove as much venom as possible. Then, apply a cold pack around the wound to reduce any swelling. Furthermore, prevent infection by keeping the wound clean and dry.

Wasp Infestation Incident: Symptoms of anaphylactic shock caused by a wasp sting

  • suddenly feeling too warm
  • nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea
  • abdominal pains
  • a skin reaction such as hives, paleness or flushed skin
  • a lump in your throat or finding it difficult to swallow
  • swollen tongue or lips
  • runny nose or sneezing

If you find yourself with any of the above symptoms, please visit your nearest doctor or drop-in health centre immediately. Get a friend or colleague to take you.


Wasp Infestation Incident: Wasp Service provided by pestcontrol.me.uk in Birkenhead

We always arrive promptly on site in unmarked vehicles. Firstly, we carry out a full site survey to locate the wasps and identify any possible risks that might be on site. Secondly, we complete a written report on all work carried out including a full COSHH report and risk assessment. Finally, we carry out all of the required control treatments. Furthermore, we provide a full guarantee for all of our wasp treatments. Just contact us via email or chat .