A rat control incident in Prenton

One of our technicians was called out to carry out a control treatment for rats in Prenton. After we had carried out the initial CCTV site inspection it was clear that the infestation had been going on for some time. It is important to call the experts at pestcontrol.me uk when there is a rat control incident in Prenton.

Evidence of a rat control incident in Prenton

Pestcontrol.me.uk is experienced in detecting a potential rat control incident. Our technicians discovered rat runs and smear marks on the loft insulation. Rats develop a buildup of grease and dirt in their fur. As a result, when the rats brush against a surface they will leave a smear mark. However, smear marks are long lasting. Therefore, these marks are not always reliable indicators of a current infestation. Additionally, however, there was a very strong smell of rat urine. It was clearly that a rat control incident was in progress.

Location of the entry point of the rat infestation

The rats had found an entry point in a broken air vent at the back of the property. Subsequently, they climbed up the inside of the cavity wall and into the loft. Furthermore, once the rats were in the wall cavity they gained to access to the kitchen and the bathroom. As a result, the rat control incident became progressively more serious.

How to treat a rat control incident in Prenton

Neophobia is the persistent and abnormal fear of new objects, situations or food. A rat will avoid or retreat from an unfamiliar object or situation. Consequently, controlling rat infestations is problematical.

The pestcontrol.me.uk technicians set one bait tray beneath the bath panel. Then, they added two bait points under the kitchen units and a further four in the loft. Each tray contained 100g of poison. We then carried out a follow-up call in 10 days to monitor and remove left over bait for safe disposal.

In conclusion, the treatment of the rat incident in Prenton was a success.

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