A strategy for controlling rats in Kirkby
A strategy for controlling rats in Kirkby

Recently, one of our team was called out to a pest control job in Kirkby. The pestcontrol.me.uk technician had to quickly devise a strategy for controlling rats in the Kirkby property. After a full site inspection, two burrows were located next to the bird feeders in the back garden. Rodents love to be close to a food source. Paradoxically, this keeps them safe from predators.

Later in the year, as the temperature drops and cold night are upon us. Rats will try to find warmth by gaining access to your property. Our Liverpool pest control team are specialists in finding these pest hot spots. Subsequently, our technicians will devise the best possible strategy for controlling rats in your property.

How do rats get into a building?

  • Defects in drains can be an issue. Rats can chew through drains and newly fitted flexible toilet soil pipes. Rats incisor teeth can exert a pressure of 7,000psi and can produce up to six bites per second
  • Broken air bricks are also a popular entry point for rats. This will provide them with full access underneath your property’s void. Once under the void, rats will find many locations to gain access into your home.
  • Rats can easily climb through drainage pipes. Moreover, rats will use the drainpipes as a guide to help them move through your property. There claws are sharp and very effective for climbing up the wall. Once they reach the top they have full access under your tiles or can chew through soffits.
  • Neighbouring properties can also have an effect on rats entering your property in Kirkby. They can move freely between lofts or cavity walls.

Pestcontrol.me.uk: A strategy for controlling rats in Kirkby

A strategy for controlling rats in Kirkby. Firstly, our technician carried out a treatment using burrow baiting and lockable boxes. Secondly, re-visits were are carried out at 14 day intervals. Subsequently, a final site visit to check the progress of the treatment revealed a positive outcome.

Our pest control service will provide you with a full site survey and no obligation quotation that will address all of your rat control concerns.