Birds nesting on chimneys – Wirral & Merseyside
Birds nesting on chimneys – Wirral & Merseyside

Having problems with birds nesting on you’re chimney pot. Well you’re not alone. Thousands of properties around the Wirral & Merseyside suffer the same fate. Birds will use your chimney stack as a safe haven to nest. This protects them from predators and gives them a Birdseye view of local food establishments.

Legislation on removing birds from chimneys

Under the wildlife and countryside act all birds are protected. Its against the law to remove the nest when its in use. Under no circumstances should you light a fire when birds are nesting. This can be a fire risk To yourself and is also illegal. If you find a bird stuck in the chimney, wait until it turns dark then shine a light source up the chimney this will entice the birds down as they will think its daylight. Have a soft blanket ready to remove them. If the bird is injured contact the RSPCA

How to remove birds from your chimney around Wirral & Merseyside

Birds can be difficult to remove around wirral & Mersyside once they have established a nesting site. Nests can be risky to remove due to location. We never advise to carry this work out on a windy or wet day.
Also we strongly advise members of the public to hire a platform. This will reduce the risk of falls.

Items needed to remove birds from your chimney around the Wirral & Merseyside

  • Bird spikes are a great method to keep all types of birds away from your chimney stack, they can also be used on window ledges, gutters, pipes and are excellent for the tops of bay windows. However, just make sure you apply long lasting external silicon to prevent them from coming unstuck and to give them longevity.
  • Bird fire gel is another great alternative for keeping birds away from your property. It’s quick and easy to install and doesn’t harm the birds. A two year manufacturers guarantee is provided but should last up to 5 years. Excellent for DIY projects and professional installation.
  • Agrilaser bird laser The alternative to proofing methods and works by emitting a high-powered laserbeam to remove birds from rooftops. It provides fast and long-lasting results. Birds perceive the green laser beam as immediate danger that is coming towards them and will quickly move away. Some companies will ask you to go through a checklist before purchase to show you are aware of the risks of using the product.

Call the professionals in bird control

If removing birds from your chimney seems to much of a task for you to carry out alone or you need some advice please Contact us we are happy to help. We provide all our bird proofing work with a 5 year guarantee.