Cheshire pest control for Cluster Flies
Cheshire pest control for Cluster Flies

It’s that time of year again when you might be experiencing Cluster Flies entering your home in Cheshire. Given the area’s location and beautiful surrounding areas, lots of homes and businesses have been suffering with cluster flies. Our local Cheshire Pest Control Service can be with you ASAP to deal with the infestation.

What Do Cluster Flies Look Like Around Cheshire?

The physical appearance of a cluster fly around Cheshire closely resembles a house fly or a bottle fly. Adult cluster flies are dark grey in colour. They are 8 – 10 mm in length with yellowish golden hairs on their thorax. The abdomen of a cluster fly has a prominent dark and light coloured, chequered pattern.

Unlike common house flies they do not have dark stripes on their thorax. In addition, they don’t have bluish or greenish metallic coloured bodies like bottle flies have. At rest, both of the wings of a cluster fly overlap across the abdomen.

Cheshire Pest Control: Where do cluster flies appear around Cheshire?

Cluster fly infestations mostly occur around rural or semi-rural areas around Cheshire. They can be often found around lofts, roof voids and the inside of window frames. Once cluster flies have found a suitable place to live they will produce a pheromone which will be enticing for other cluster flies to gather in the same location. When the infestation grows large enough the pheromone can produce a cascade effect to attract other cluster flies.

The presence of cluster flies around Cheshire can be usually be detected on warm, sunny days when they become more active and are often then seen in great numbers. This can be a issue for home owners. Cluster flies will congregate in lofts, bedrooms, bathrooms and around windows. In addition, you may also find cluster flies sunbathing on external walls.

What do cluster flies feed on around Cheshire?

  • Cluster fly pre-stage larvae (maggots) burrow into the soil and will feed on earthworms.
  • Adult cluster flies around Cheshire feed on the nectar of flowers, fruit, flowers and other types of organic matter.

If you think that you may have a cluster fly infestation in or around Cheshire please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help or advise you on a treatment for cluster flies, or any other fly problems that you may have.

Cheshire Pest Control Treatment

Our local pest control service team will treat the effected areas with an insecticidal fogging machine. The machine breaks the insecticide down into fine particles filling the affected area with a fog of insecticide. The insecticide will kill off all active flies on contact. Once the insecticide has dried it has a residual life of up to 2-3 weeks which will kill any flies that are still coming in to hibernate on the treated areas. The treatment may need to be carried out twice a year for heavily infested properties.