How to control a fly infestation in West Kirby
How to control a fly infestation in West Kirby

Problems With Flies West Kirby

Are you having problems with a fly infestation in your West Kirby property? Have flies gained access to your loft, bedrooms, bathroom in your West Kirby property. How to control a fly infestation in West Kirby? Please Contact us.

Do I have a Cluster fly infestation in my West Kirby property?

Cluster flies will gain access to your building during winter time. They will gaining access under tiles and via soffits and fascia boards. A large Cluster Fly infestation in your loft space produces an easily identifiable sickly smell.

How to identify a Cluster Fly

The physical appearance of a Cluster Fly is distinctive. They have the following characteristics:

  • Size about 10mm from wingtip to wing tip and 6mm – head to abdomen.
  • Large reddish compound eyes.
  • Thorax covered with yellow/gold hairs.
  • Tessellated abdomen yellowish black with bristled hairs.

The biology of Cluster Flies

The females will lay her eggs in damp soil beneath rotting vegetation. Subsequently, the larvae will hatch from the eggs in about a week. The larvae will then seek out a host earthworm. The fly larvae will cling to earthworm and then burrow inside its body. Finally, the maggots will develop inside the earthworm before emerging as adults. The cluster flies life cycle is dependent on climate conditions. In the UK, two generations per year are common, however, hot summers may result in up to four generations.

Control a fly infestation: Other species of cluster fly

Green Cluster Fly

The Green Cluster fly comes from the same family as the Common Green Bottle Fly. Consequently, the Green Cluster Fly has a similar appearance with two longitudinal dark stripes on its thorax.

How to control a cluster fly infestation in West Kirby

It is very difficult to stop cluster flies gaining access to your West Kirby home. Primarily, this is due to their size and ability to get through the smallest of gaps in tiles, vents, soffit boards and windows. The best policy to control a fly infestation in your property in West Kirby is to call the professionals.

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