Environmentally friendly pest control
Environmentally friendly pest control

At pestcontrol.me.uk , all of our team apply an integrated pest management approach. We decide the best course of action based on sustainable pest control techniques. Furthermore, we will advise you on all non-chemical possibilities before we implement any pesticide based solutions. However, if you follow our guidance and apply environmentally friendly pest control strategies you will make a positive impact on your property. As a result, you may avoid having to call in the pest control professionals.

Environmentally friendly pest control: Housekeeping 

Housekeeping is one of the most important factors in any business or domestic premises. Pests will access many available locations and materials to survive and develop. Furthermore, built-up environments will assist rodent migration and will limit the possibility of a thorough survey. In addition, discarded paper could become suitable nesting material for mice and rats.

At pestcontrol.me.uk, we advise the client to remove any excess waste. Also, the correct, secure waste storage facilities must be put in place. Finally, it is important to carry out regular inspections of packaging to avoid an infestation from incoming goods.

Environmentally friendly pest control: Proofing

Proofing internal access points, and around the external perimeter, will limit entry points for many types of pest. Initially, all doors and windows will need to be fitted with brush strips and insect screens. Furthermore, sealing broken tiles and skirting boards will prevent access by crawling insects.

In order to prevent roosting birds, we advise the use of netting, metal beading or bird spikes.

The effectiveness of proofing should always be monitored. Finally, we can apply traps and monitoring stations to detect any casual intruders before they get established.

Environmentally friendly pest control: Education 

In conclusion, we advise all businesses to train staff in pest detection techniques. As a result, pest activity will be discovered on site before it can get established.

Finally, contact the experts at pestcontrol.me.uk. Our technicians are experienced in all aspects of pest control. Moreover, we can advise you on the best strategies for environmentally friendly pest control.

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