Hornets’ nest in conservatory in Wrexham

Hornets found in conservatory in Newbridge

Hornets’ nest in conservatory in Wrexham. I was called out to carry out a treatment on a wasp nest in a home near Wrexham. When I arrived at the property, I found hornets dead on the floor of the conservatory. If you live in or around the Newbridge area please contact us if you find anything that looks similar to the image above.

Hornets’ nest in conservatory: Live and let live?

Hornets are yellow and brown in colour. They are between 20 and 35mm in length meaning that they are slightly larger than wasps. In addition, the biology and life cycle of hornets is similar to wasps. The young, fertilised females hibernate through the winter and emerge in the spring to form new colonies. In fact, they are from the same order (Hymenoptera). However, the distribution and extent of the hornet is usually limited to mainland Europe and the southern part of the British Isles. Climate change has had an impact on the range and extent of this insect. For example, sightings have been reported in North West England and Wales.

In spite of their large size, hornets are not particularly aggressive. Furthermore, because they are relatively uncommon, they should not be destroyed unless absolutely necessary.

Control Options: Hornets’ nest in conservatory

Hornets’ nest in conservatory in Wrexham. These insects are not very friendly when they feel threatened. If you find a nest in your conservatory or close to your house, leave it alone and call pestcontrol.me.uk. Moreover, stay well away from the nest if you have a known allergy. The hornets will get aggressive, so our experts will wear full personal protective equipment when dealing with the infestation.

Our trained technicians will devise a customised treatment plan for dealing with your hornets.

In conclusion, call pestcontrol.me.uk when you first see hornets to prevent the nest from getting larger and reducing the risk of attack.