How do ants predict flooding?

‘How do ants predict flooding? Ants are smarter than you think. But do they have some sort of sixth sense that told them of the approaching floods in New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland, Australia?

The question ‘How do ants predict flooding?’ was posted on Twitter by Brian Dodd, who lives in the foothills of the Gibraltar Range in northern NSW. Dodd’s property was inudated by a whopping 340mm of rain. Before the flood he noticed ants working feverishly to complete the building of their colonies. The Huffington Post Australia contacted Dodd, who confirmed that the ant mounds were constructed just before the heavy rain. What can we infer from this? Can ants read weather forecasts?

Do ants predict flooding in the UK?

At present in the UK, there has not been any research looking into the predictive powers of ants. However, we do know that ant colonies are well organised. In addition, the behaviour of individual ants reflects the role that they play within the group. technicians constantly update their knowledge of ant behaviour.

‘Super smart ants’. What type of ant are we up against?

In Britain, the Black Garden Ant is the commonest house invader. Paradoxically, the Black Garden Ant is dark brown in colour. Ant bodies are divided into three sections: head, thorax and abdomen. The three sections are divided by narrow waists. Ants have a sharp angled joint in their antennae.

Ants are social insects. In addition, they are organised and extremely good communicators. So, if one ant gains access to your home, the rest of the colony will surely follow. Primarily, it is the foraging worker who invades buildings in search of food. Specifically, they are attracted to sweet food which they use to feed the queen ant and her larvae. The worker ants are 4 to 6mm in length.

Evidence of ant infestation

Ants will produce large amounts of sand, soil and debris around their nesting site. This will help when trying to locate nests.

‘How do ants predict flooding?’. In conclusion, the technicians understand pest behaviour. This knowledge helps them control pest infestations effectively. Contact for a professional and discreet service.

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