How to control a mouse infestation in Liverpool

How to control a mouse infestation in Liverpool. One of our technicians was called out to a mouse problem in Aigburth, Liverpool. Consequently, a CCTV inspection was carried out and mouse droppings were located. The droppings were concentrated under kitchen units and inside cupboards. In addition, the mice had gnawed into a into a box of cereal.

Subsequently, we in surveyed the loft space where we found more mouse droppings. As a result, there were signs of a mouse infestation found on the thermal insulation. In addition a nest was found in an old, rolled up carpet.

Possible entry points for mice

Mice can use very small holes to gain access into buildings. For example, points of entry include air vents, pipes and voids around doors. Mice are very good climbers. They can climb up an external wall especially if the brickwork is rough. Consequently, they can gain access into roof spaces through gaps in brick work, soffits and eaves.

Methods used to control a mouse infestation

Accordingly, carried out a pest control treatment in the kitchen, living room and loft. Of course, the safety of the public and domestic animals is a priority. As a result, bait points were set in safe locations or in lockable stations.

In conclusion, in order to locate any possible entry points, we carried out a full external perimeter inspection of the property. Subsequently, the mouse infestation was monitored and proved to be a complete success. So, this is how to control a mouse infestation in Liverpool.

Post treatment advice from

Briefly, in order to prevent a future mouse infestation, the homeowner should take the following steps;

  • Make sure all food is in pest proof containers.
  • Worktops must be cleaned regularly.
  • Use bins with lids.
  • Don’t leave dog or cat food out.
  • Stop feeding birds.

To summarise, the technicians successfully controlled the mouse infestation in Liverpool. So, if you require help with a similar infestation, contact the experts at

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