How to protect solar panels from pigeons in Liverpool.
How to protect solar panels from pigeons in Liverpool.

Case Study: How to protect solar panels from pigeons in Liverpool. Recently, we were called out to a property in the Halewood area of Liverpool. Pigeons were gaining access to the void beneath a large solar panel. In addition, bird faeces was building up around the house and garden. The customer was distressed.

Birds under solar panels

Why do you need to protect your solar panels from pigeons?

It doesn’t take long for your home and solar panels to become damaged by birds. Below are listed just a few issues caused by birds nesting around your home in Liverpool .

  1. Gutters and drainage systems become clogged up from a build up of bird faeces. As a result,this can lead to flooding and water damage to property.
  2. As pigeons move around and under solar panels, electronic cables and components can become damaged.
  3. Pigeon droppings produce ammonia and they can damage materials. Consequently, stone will decay and become porous in and around your Liverpool property.
  4. The acidic nature of bird droppings also encourages the growth of fungi that accelerates the physical breakdown of stone.
  5. Copper, aluminium, iron and zinc fittings can be damaged by bird droppings.
  6. Bird droppings can damage paintwork on vehicles if not removed quickly.

Firstly, the technicians cleaned the areas that had been damaged by the birds. Secondly, they removed the birds from under the panels. Finally, our experts implemented extensive bird proofing methods on all sides of the solar panels. The experts used mesh and special solar panel clips to successfully tackle the pigeon pest problem.

Please contact us if you find that birds are getting under your solar panels in Liverpool.

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