How to control wasp infestations in Moreton
How to control wasp infestations in Moreton

We were called out to a property in Moreton. There was a large number of wasps entering a building through an air brick. Our Moreton pest control team quickly arrived on site. They found that wasps had chewed a hole through the plasterboard. Consequently, the wasps were gaining access into one of the rooms. How to control wasp infestations in Moreton? The technicians followed this process:

Firstly, we had to seal the internal point of access. Secondly, we had to apply a residual treatment to the wasps that were already inside the room. Finally, we applied an insecticidal dust, focusing on the external point of entry in the air brick. Initially, this created a buildup of wasps on the outside of the property. This is normal. Subsequently, within an hour, the wasp activity had calmed down.Wasps in Moreton property .

How to identify wasps infestations in Moreton

  • The best way to identify a possible wasp infestation is to look up around your soffit boards, facias or dry ridge system.
  • Wasps like to nest in bird boxes and sheds.
  • If you have an unusual amount of wasps in your garden, there is probably a nest near to your Moreton property.
  • Check tree trunks, bushes or small holes around your borders for wasp infestations. You will have located your infestation if you see a constant flow of wasps from a specific location. Above all, do not approach the nest. Now is the time to call the experts at

Please contact us via email or chat to one of the team 💭 if you are concerned with wasps in or around your Moreton property.