Bees’ nest found West Kirby loft
Bees’ nest found West Kirby loft

Bees’ nest found in West Kirby loft. were called out to a property in West Kirby because bees had been gaining access into a roof space through a fascia board.The customer had a six month old baby. The family were concerned because the entry point of the nest was directly above the baby’s bedroom window.

Bee biology

The common wasp has a black and yellow striped body with an obvious division between the thorax and abdomen. In addition, it has a characteristic ‘anchor’ shaped mark on it’s face.

The life cycle of wasps is complex, intricate and interesting. The queen hibernates during the winter and emerges in spring. She then searches for an ideal site for her colony. The queen uses chewed tree bark to build a nest. Once, the queen lays up to twenty eggs after the completion of the initial part of the construction. The first born brood of sterile females work on enlarging the nest and providing food for subsequent eggs. In the summer, the average wasp nest will contain, on average, 4000 individuals.  The completed nest is 30 cm in diameter. 

In late summer, the males fertilise the newly emerged young queens.   The young queens fly away in search of a suitable site for hibernation. After that, in the autumn, wasps become sluggish and temperamental. At this time of year, wasps become aggressive after feeding on over ripe fruit. The fertilised queens are the only wasps to survive winter. Wasps do not return to the same nest. However, they may build a nest nearby if conditions are favourable. 

Controlling the bees’ nest found in the West Kirby loft

The technicians from will locate and access the wasps’ nest. In conjunction with the homeowner, a decision will be made on the potential impact of the nest location on public health. 

  • The professionals have access to a range of insecticides that are not available to the public.  
  • Fully trained and experienced pest control technicians.
  • Insecticide is applied directly to the entrance of the nest. Dust formulations are applied to alighting areas using injection tubes. Injector nozzles will improve penetration.
  • have the equipment and tools to access high level nests.
  • The technicians have a full range of protective safety clothing.  

In conclusion, the primary role of insects within the garden ecosystem is to pollinate and control insects. So, expert pest control methods have to be employed. The technicians have the expertise to avoid carrying out potentially lethal treatments on non-pest wasp species and bees. 

In conclusion, carried out a full site survey of the property. The bees had accessed a gap behind a soffit board. The bees were constructing a nest in an old bird’s nest. Unfortunately, there was no way of gaining access to the nest. Consequently, the best form of action was to apply an insecticidal powder into the gap behind the soffit. The technicians eradicated the potential threat to public health.

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