Eco-friendly pest control techniques
Eco-friendly pest control techniques

Our pest control technicians use an integrated pest control management strategy. Moreover, our experts can decide on a course of action that will avoid the use of chemical pesticides. So, non-chemical solutions methods, as a course of action, will be assessed, implemented or eliminated. The following eco-friendly pest control techniques can have a positive effect:

Eco-friendly pest control techniques

Pest control education

For example, the education of staff in commercial premises will lead to the early discovery of pest activity. Consequently, prompt remedial action will prevent the establishment of a pest infestation. Moreover, this is a cost effective approach.


In brief, structured and diligent cleaning schedule will deny pests access to a food supply. Accordingly, our pest control technicians will design an effective strategy for an employer.

Proofing pest control techniques

There are many different types of pest proofing measures. Hence, you can reduce insect access by:

  • installing insect screens to windows and doors of food preparation areas thus preventing access by flying insects.
  • securing bristle strips to external doors thus preventing rodent entry.
  • replacing broken or damaged tiles to prevent access by crawling insects.
  • sealing around pipes and wiring where they pass through walls.
  • netting and grills to prevent birds from nesting.

Stock Rotation

Above all, rats fear new objects and environments. So, a simple, routine rotation of stored items will elevate this phobia. Furthermore, stock rotation will allow areas to be inspected for early signs of pest activity.


This is a simple yet effective eco-friendly pest control technique. For instance, a cluttered environment will help rodent migration. Furthermore, discarded paper, cardboard, mop heads etc. provide excellent rodent nesting material. In addition, there should be an effective inspection system of incoming raw materials and packaging.

Organic Insecticides; An eco-friendly chemical free approach to pest control

The key to an eco-friendly approach to pest control is to avoid the use of harmful chemicals. For example, using natural Pyrethrins or Pyrethroids as an alternative pest control technique. These formulations are extracted from chrysanthemum flower heads.

Indeed, organic products have been used successfully for over 80 years.

The organic formulation paralyses the insect’s nervous system of pests in low doses. Furthermore, oxidation by sunlight will break down the formulation.

Organic aerosol insecticides are effective when employed against flying insects.

Conclusion: eco-friendly pest control methods

Our experts at can give advice on all aspects of eco-friendly pest control techniques. So, call us for an effective and discreet service.

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