How to control a rat infestation in Heswall

One of our pest control technicians was called out to a property in Heswall to carry out a control treatment on a rat infestation. After arriving at the property, it was clear that the rats had only infested a stable. Other nearby buildings were free of rat activity. The technician dealt with the infestation quickly, effectively and discreetly. knows how to control a rat infestation. Please contact us, if your having problems with rats in your Heswall property.

Evidence of rat infestations

Detecting and controlling rat runs

Rats will tend to follow the same routes when travelling any distance. In the Heswall case, a run was located at the back of the stables. The rat run resembled a small path or continuous depression in the grass adjacent to the back wall of the building.

Rat smear marks

We also noticed smear marks along the top of the stable rafters. Rats develop a buildup of grease and dirt in their fur. As a result, when the rats brush against a surface they will leave a smear mark. However, smear marks are long lasting. Therefore, these marks are not always reliable indicators of a current infestation.

How to control a rat infestation: Neophobia in Rats

Neophobia is the persistent and abnormal fear of new objects, situations or food. A rat will avoid or retreat from an unfamiliar object or situation. Consequently, controlling rat infestations is problematical.

In Heswall, we had to be careful with the baiting program due to neophobia amongst Norway rats. Accordingly, Norway rats will treat any strange object or disturbance in their environment with great caution. We baited using open stations that were all in safe locations around the stables and then sealed the area off. This cautious approach was successful.

How to control a rat infestation: rat nesting behaviour

Rats will nest in very unusual places. As a result, it can be difficult to locate a nesting site. Hence, in this situation, we carried out a CCTV survey. Our technician spotted some rags and chewed plastic bags behind behind an old unit. The unit was situated in a dark corner of the stable. Subsequently, rat droppings were found on the rags which were being used for nesting material.

How to control a rat infestation in Heswall. Please Contact us via email or chat to a member of the team 💭